June 10, 2019

On-Demand Webinar: Assuming Everyone's Hacked, Why Behaviorally Authenticate Your Customers?


Acceptto Webinar with Intellyx on Biobehavioral Authentication™

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The bad news: We live in a modern age where you might as well assume all of your customers’ passwords have been stolen, and everyone’s personal data has already been compromised by irresponsible or bad actors.

The really bad news: Authentication technology has evolved, but it hasn’t really solved the problem. 2FA only made mobile accounts a better target for hackers, and more complicated biometrics, codes and hurdles only create a drag on the customer experience they’d rather avoid. 

Is there hope? A new discipline and technology of continuous Bio-Behavioral Authentication might finally provide the new code hackers can’t crack: the customer’s own intent and behavior.

Join Acceptto CEO Shahrokh Shahidzadeh and Intellyx analyst Jason English for this exciting peek into the future of behavioral authentication as a way to not only tell friend from foe and protect customers from theft and abuse, but deliver a superior customer experience every time they use your app.

Watch the Recording Here

Curious about the 11factor authentication. Watch this video we made to poke fun of #toomuchauthentication here.

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