BankinfoSecurity: How Wireless Carriers Open the Door to SIM Swapping Attacks

Perspective from our CEO, Shahrokh Shahidzadeh

Acceptto Wins 4 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

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SC Media: Cybersecurity takes the stage

Perspective from our CEO, Shahrokh Shahidzadeh

WSJ: U.K Urged to Provide Cybersecurity Support After Election Win

Funding for Cybersecurity law enforcement is urged post UK election win.[...]

Press Release: Acceptto Extends Offering with Central Authentication Service Single Sign On Integration

Integration first of its kind for a behavioral continuous authentication[...]

DARKReading: GitHub Initiative Seeks to Secure Open Source Code

Last Thursday GitHub launched a new initiative called Security Lab.

Press Release: Acceptto's Continuous Behavioral Authentication Verified as Citrix Ready

Company Trusted to Enhance the security of Citrix Networking and Citrix[...]

Press Release: Acceptto Appoints Software Entrepreneur to BOD

Jim Kaskade joins Board of Directors - Expanded Leadership Poises Company[...]

Threatpost: The Unhappiest Subscribers on Earth? Disney+ Accounts Hacked & Hijacked

Highly anticipated streaming service from Disney+ that launched last week[...]

SC Magazine: Pemex claims victory over cyberattack

$4.9 million ransom reportedly demanded