July 30, 2019

Infosecurity Magazine: Slack Resets 1% of Passwords

In 2015 Slack had a data breach incident, and 4 years later they reset 1% of the passwords. Read what our very own CEO,  Shahrokh Shahidzadeh has to say on the subject to Infosecruity Magazine on the topic.

"Because of the high frequency of data breaches, Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, CEO at Acceptto, said we all must operate under the assumption that it’s only a matter of time before we truly understand that all of our credentials and personal information are already compromised. 

For that reason, “The reliance on binary authentication methods, such as passwords independent of their length, or even mixing it with two-factor and multi-factor authentication solutions that are susceptible to phishing attacks, is a recipe for failure and a matter of when, not if. In light of recent developments, the only safe credential is one that is immutable and that can only be bio-behavioral-based,” Shahidzadeh said."

Read the full article here at Infosecurity Magazine website.


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